I am a graphic designer who has been designing since I was little. Whether it was my sandbox bakery, swing set clothing store, or 1950's Shasta camper playhouse jewelry store I found the time to brand them and make business cards, postcards, and much more (even if they were only distributed to my stuffed animals or mom and dad). 

Years later, I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up and lucky enough to figure out that it was what I had been doing all along. It started when I worked in a print shop, and I got my real passion when I was asked to do a newsletter for the insurance company I was working for a few years later. I taught myself everything I could (reading manuals...YouTube wasn't a thing yet). Finally, I got the guts to put myself back through school and graduated valedictorian with an AA degree in Graphic Design and Media. All in all, I have over fifteen years of experience in printing, branding, marketing, and designing. 

I believe good design comes from brainstorming and innovative thinking. A good base builds a strong product/business.

Painting I did of myself in Photoshop. I love to draw!



Relocating to The Woodlands, Texas!